Customer Acquisition

Qbase have developed successful customer acquistion strategies for many companies

The customer recruitment cycle

The customer recruitment cycle is undoubtedly the most effective method of long term, profitable customer acquisition. Qbase has developed a unique service for the planning, management and measurement of profitable customer recruitment. All too often customer recruitment is based on history... "what did we do last year", without any attempt to look at the detail.

"This list has always worked for us..." in fact a very small proportion of a particular list might be working for you - Qbase can identify this and tell you how to find more data with the same attributes.

Good science is at the core of the Qbase process. We will consolidate your customer data and previous customer acquisition mailing data, match them adding demographic attributes and then build a propensity model to understand exactly what attributes in all the data indicate a likely hood to become a customer.

Every prospect record is then scored based on its propensity to look like your best customer segment and prospect data selections are then made.

Crucially Qbase only builds true multi-variate propensity models; these are much more accurate than uni-variate models that look at the significance of variables individually and not collectively.

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