About Us: Company History

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Company History

Qbase is a privately owned limited company. Originally we built and maintained a UK compiled database - the Qbase Business List. From there we expanded into maintaining the marketing databases for other companies and running complex merge processes. This is still part of our core business; we merge and build marketing databases containing data from every single country in the world, international data accounts for around 45% of our work.

Our Success

In 2000 we expanded in two important areas; analysis services and application development.

We now employee 3 full-time statisticians who work on a variety of business intelligence issues; customer segmentation, basket analysis, propensity modelling, lifetime value calculations and donor profiling.

Our application development business focuses on delivering data access, data selection and transaction processing via an html front-end, using SQL Server based content management systems.

Qbase works hard to stay at the forefront of technology, continuing to deliver on-time high quality work to its customers in publishing, communications, direct response and government.


You will see the launch of a new range of hosted on-line services from Qbase, offering customers an on-line marketing database with extensive e-marketing facilities and the ability to combine data from multiple feeds into a single easy-to-use application.

The steady growth of our company since 1990 is based on our rock-solid reputation for delivering accurate business information and business intelligence on-time and within budget.

Qbase US

A US office was established in 2005 to directly address US market opportunities. We now have equal expertise in providing both the data and the technical infrastructure to leverage value from it for the North American and European markets.