Address Management

We have developed a wide range of low-cost data cleansing, data enhancement, suppression and record de-duplication services.

Fast, efficient and accurate international address management

40% of the data held at Qbase is international. In fact we process data every month from over 200 countries.

We have developed extensive international data processing facilities, using the Universal Postal Union postal address format data as the basis for rebuilding and formatting international data, ensuring that every record has the correct components to maximise the deliverability of the data.

We have extensive facilities for cleaning and verifying your data

We can also repair "broken" international data records that have been shoe-horned into inappropriate data formats in transaction and CRM systems, right down to identifying "lost" special characters and re-inserting them back into the data.

UK Postal Address File

All UK data is run against the UK Postal Address File [PAF] and validated and repaired as necessary.

All our UK data is run against the quarterly PAF file updates supplied by the Royal Mail to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate UK address standard is maintained across all records. We also append Mailsort and Walksort codes and where drive-time calculations are required, X,Y co-ordinates are also applied.

We also have the facility to use composite record building to take the best elements of duplicate records to build the most complete address record from multiple individual records.