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Qbase are one of the leading data-based marketing companies in the UK, delivering unrivalled performance and value for money

Data Based Marketing

Why should you choose Qbase? Here are a few good reasons..

Our Promise

Our objective at Qbase is simple: we help our customers save money and gain more sales from their direct and data based marketing activities.

What We Do

Established in 1991, we are one of the longest standing data-based marketing companies in the UK. We employ 34 people across our 3 business operating divisions, dedicated to data management and insight, application development and strategic data services.

How We Do It

By using analysis and insight we help our clients make intelligent, data-based marketing decisions through our process of build, analyse, segment, select, deploy and report.


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FastStats – Data Analysis & Marketing Automation Software

As one of the world’s best data analysis and marketing automation software solutions, FastStats can help you reap significant value from your existing data.

At Qbase we combine your FastStats implementation with a thorough review of your business objectives and data strategy to ensure your FastStats solution is precisely configured to enable you to quickly see relevant information which you can put to immediate use in your sales and marketing efforts.

We are proud of having won awards for our FastStats implementations and have over 10 years experience implementing FastStats solutions, from small single-user installations to some of the largest organisations in the UK. We were also the first company in the world to be awarded the FastStats training accreditation and some of our team have been using FastStats from its earliest DOS-based versions! Find out more >>

Your data, secured

Our Infrastructure

Qbase runs predominantly Microsoft infrastructure housed at two secure data centres, so that there is no single point of failure. All Qbase services are secure cloud-based services and all data transfers are encrypted as data files and in again in transmission.


Qbase takes security seriously: all data and applications are held within our ISO 27001 certified data centres. Qbase customers have direct, secure access to their data, and all database activity is logged and recorded. Data is backed up continuously and secure off-site backups are taken each week as part of our disaster recovery plan.


Qbase has been certified to the following ISO standards: 27001 [Information Security]; 9001 [Quality Management] and; 14001 [Environmental Performance]. The British Standards Institute reviews these ISO standards every six months. All projects undertaken at Qbase are managed within our ISO 9001 compliant project management process.